I'm Megan Parker

Marketing Specialist, Local Lover & Taco Enthusiast

I am the queen of "winging it" and just seeing what happens. Quit my job? Sure. Start a business? Why not? Randomly open a store? Hell Yes. But with saying that... I am also the girl that schedules her meals in her iCal, so don't bother trying to understand me.

I live and breath social media whether it be for my business, my clients businesses or just soaking up the goodness of all these kickass local businesses that surround me. I teach, I coach, I do social media, I design websites, I blog, I own an AWESOME store that hi lights local makers and I strive to help local boss ladies kick ass in their biz. I think that's it...for now...


Ten Facts About Megan

1.   I went to university originally for Journalism before switching to Marketing
2.   I LOVE supporting local and supporting things happening around the community
3.   I have the cutest dog, his name is Bubba and he is needy as @#$%
4.   I am addicted tacos. If you like tacos then I like you.
5.   I used to be a GM of a retirement home with 20 staff and 90 seniors
6.   I have been involved with DQ since I was 14 years old
7.   I have a superstar of a boyfriend - man oh man, the things he puts up with...
8.   I am originally from the wack (Chilliwack) - Grew up out in Bridal Falls
9.   I think I'm funny, my boyfriend says I'm not...
10.   I drink a lot of wine on social media but I don't actually like wine... gimme beer please

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Meet the Team

Photo by Kristy Powers Photography
Photo by Kristy Powers Photography
Rosemary LeBarge

Graphic Design & Photography

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Jude Vilela

Website Design

Danielle Kiel

Social Media