Maker Monday: Brook Apparel

Forget Sunday Funday, it’s Maker Monday! On Monday’s we feature a different maker & brand in a dedicated blog post & on our social media. We carry so many incredible brands in the store and want to make sure the world knows about them! This week we’d like to introduce you to Brook Apparel! The sweetest children’s clothing brand that focuses on ethical & organic production, long lasting designs & fabrics that can be worn over and over.


Brooke Apparel is making waves in the small shop industry. They are commited to using eco-friendly fabrics, organically grown from sustainable and ethical sources. Their fabrics are tested for more than 300 harmful substances. When I first came into contact with Naomi, my eyes were widened by what she was sharing on her instagram stories. Did you know that clothing labeled as “wrinkle free” most likely contains formaldehyde? A toxin known to cause multiple life threaten issues. She also talks about what happens to left over clothing from the big box stores & it’s quite a sad reality that we are all covering our eyes from. Naomi shares a few clips from the Netflix documentary “A True Cost” on her stories. This is what really got me thinking, the people on the other side of the world who make our products, who suffer, work harder than ever for basically nothing & are exposed to so many toxins. As Naomi said, it’s time for change.



“I never intended to start a business. Sewing was something I enjoyed, I started sewing the majority of my daughters clothes and people around me had suggested a few times that I should sell them. Now, selling a piece here and there was a far cry from owning and operating a thriving business. So I decided if I was gonna do it I was going to go all the way! This introduced my budding passion for ethically made clothing. I sourced non-toxic fabric and found a local manufacturer (because I loved to design but I didn’t love to sew enough to mass produce). Since opening Brook in March 2019, my passion for responsibly made clothing has only grown! The most rewarding part is when people tell me they are rethinking the way they shop and considering where the clothes they buy come from. That makes it all worth it for me!”




“The name Brook came from a brainstorm, I had spent a couple weeks mulling over a few options… I really wanted to love the name long term. We currently live in Brookswood, Langley and that’s honestly where it came from LOL! But I like the imagery of a small river (a brook) growing into a mighty river and effecting change in the landscape. The meaning of the name and how it fit with my mission really sold me.” Fun Fact:…Naomi is the youngest of EIGHT kids! She married her husband at only 19 years old & her heart skips a beat every time an order comes in!


You can find Brook Apparel here on our website: Brooke Apparel

Instagram @brookapparel  Facebook: BrookApparel

See ya next Monday with a new maker spotlight!


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