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Day Vs. Night Skincare Routine

Day VS. Night Skincare Routine

Do you find yourself doing different skincare routines for different times of the day? Well you’re not alone! Or are you overwhelmed with all the different lotions & potions your friends are using on their face? Does your medicine cabinet, which should really be called the skincare cabinet, also overwhelm you? Don’t worry, we’ve broken down super easy steps for a healthy skincare routine day & night! For simplicity we’re using all K’Pure products for this post, we have a few skincare brands in the shop that you can choose from when deciding on your routine.
For my morning routine, I like to keep it super simple! I also find my makeup goes on better when I have less product on my face.
I start with washed up, a 100% organic gentle foaming cleaner. I love a good toner, and the Good Morning Spray from K’Pure is one of my favs. It’s a great way to really wake up your face, the scent is nice and invigorating. Then I finish off with a super small (smaller than you would think) amount of Go Getter. Go Getter is super soothing, full of nontoxic ingredients that add moisture and a natural glow to skin. And that’ it, your morning routine is done!
Nighttime is when you can get a like boujie with your skincare routine! We tend to spend a little more time taking off our makeup from the day & adding in a few other self care routines to really make your skin & you feel refreshed & beautiful.
I always start with using Clean Slate. It’s one of my favourite products from K’Pure. It is an oil cleaners & works wonders for taking off mascara & other makeup. I use a small amount & very gently rub it over my eyes & onto the rest of my face to break up that makeup. I personally need to double cleanse to really feel like I got all the make up off so after I rinse off the Clean Slate, I wash my face with K’pure’s Sleepy Time Foaming Wash. It is lightly scented with lavender to help you forget about your day & relax!
Next up, toner! Okay my real real fav toner is Chill Out, it smells sooooo good! It also contains aloe vera which is amazing for your skin & get’s you feeling’ all zen & chill! Make sure to use a good amount of toner, you want your face to be damp before moving on to your serums. First up, Eyes Up! It has so many amazing ingredients that I can’t list them all but it is infused with coffee bean essential oils & prickly pear oils which help to reduce puffiness, dark girls & eve skin tone. You need very little of eyes up, only one single drop for both eyes.
Next we use just a few drops of Light Up all over your face. Lighten up is a heavy duty but light weight serum designed to help reduce fine lines, hydrate tired & dull skin & brighten dark spots. Now to lock all that goodness in we need a little amount of moisturizer. Back to Drenched we go! And remember, a little goes a long way!
Feeling a little extra? Try out one of K’pure’s Rose Quartz Facial Rollers or their Gua Sha, your skin will be so happy! We stock K’Pure Naturals entire skin care line at The Local Space, you can shop everything you need for happy, healthy & glowing skin right here: SHOP NOW


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