Fieldhouse Brewery: Beer & Tacos | The Taco Files

Today I celebrated my 29th birthday and by the amount of taco’s with candles in them on my Facebook wall right now, it appears that I may be a little obsessed with tacos so obviously it only made sense that I hit up a new taco joint and document it, right?

We hit up Fieldhouse Brewery in East Abbotsford because for months I have been hearing about these amazing duck tacos that they serve. I will say, I was a little hesitant to eat duck but oh-my-god, these tacos were to die for. The beer was amazing, the food was amazing and the atmosphere is definitely something that I have never been able to experience at another brewery – or anywhere actually… I loved that you could set up a blanket on the grass and hang out with friends, kids and even your dog while enjoying a local brew!

So welcome to The Taco Files; the food to my heart and the spots you’ve maybe never heard of… For my next stop I’ll make sure I take more photos so you can actually see the amazing tacos that all these amazing restaurants locally have to answer but in the meantime if you know any taco spots I should hit up, let me know!

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