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Well, I’m sure by now you already know this, but I’ve got a ring on that ring finger now… Now what? Well, of course, in true Megan fashion I’ve gotta wing it and plan a complete wedding in six months all while supporting as many local businesses as possible – there wouldn’t be any other way, would there?

Many people would assume that I have had my big day planned for years since I’ve been making hints to Matty via social media for years, but nope. Having an actual wedding has never been as important as just having the bling on my finger… I don’t know about you, but I much rather have a white kitchen than a fancy dancy wedding and well, in other news: We recently purchased an overpriced house in this ridiculous market and we’re moving in August 1st. Talk about doing everything all at once, eh? …and yes, it does have my dream white kitchen. Stay tuned for that one, I’m excited to get decoratingggggg.

So, what’s the plan for my wedding? I’m going to be working with some AMAZING local companies, brands and kickass ladies, so I thought, hey, maybe I should document it for the next bride that wants to support local?

First on the agenda: Getting wedding ready with Cloud 9 Beautique. I’m super excited about this one because I’ve been a lover of Cloud 9 for years! It’s actually the nail salon I used to go to back when I was still working in the retirement industry and today it does waaaaaaay more than just nails. It’s literally your one stop shop for everything beauty: nails, skin, injections, hair and even fitness. They are also one of my superstar social media clients, and I only have awesome clients so that’s gotta say something about them…

Next Up: Maybe a dress? Wedding decor? Food? Cake? …I guess I’ve got lot’s to do still. If you have any recommendations of local wedding vendors, let me know. I’d love to hear who your favourite are.

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