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If you thought this website was never going to happen, you weren’t the only one. I didn’t even think it would ever happen… It still has some tweaks to work out, the online the courses to load up and lots more goodies but the point is, it’s here.

So I’m sure the question you’re really thinking is, does this girl really need another website? Truthfully, no, but realistically, yes. The idea of this website is that it’s allll me. I’m not much for carrying a business card around with all these different projects I have on the go (Boss Ladies, The Local Space, Website Design, Social Media, whatever else pops into my brain this year…) so now I have a website that brings all of these different projects together in one easy spot. Smart, right?

Another reason I really wanted to do this is because I want to get writing again. For those of you that don’t know this: I actually went to school for journalism and I LOVE to write, I just don’t give myself a lot of free time to write, so taaa daaa.

If we really get down to the bones of this website, it is going to be a total shit mix of randomness (and there will probably be a swear word every once and a while, so maybe don’t read out loud if your children are around?) but I think that’s really who I am? I will be writing about my confessions of an entrepreneur – because let’s be real, I work too much to have friends – marketing tips, tricks and everything in between for all you kick ass small business owners; spotlights on local businesses and products; and of course, we will be pulling The Local Space’s blog over to here since The Local Space is hosted on a Shopify website, and Shopify sucks for SEO (there’s a little marketing tip right there for you).

So hello and welcome to my messy life, I hope you will be at least able to laugh at my mistakes every once and a while. I’ll see you the next time I decide to put my thoughts on this site.

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