Maker Monday: Wildflower Designs

Forget Sunday Funday, it’s Maker Monday!

On Monday’s we  feature a different maker & brand in a dedicated blog post & on our social media. We carry so many incredible brands in the store and want to make sure the world knows about them! This week we’d like to introduce you to Wildflower Designs! My personal favourite jewelry we carry in the shop!



“Hello? Is this thing on?

It’s Erin, one of the two sisters behind Wildflower Designs. You might not know it, but Leanne and I began this little jewelry adventure with a simple dream – to design and create affordable, fun jewelry for women of any age. Little did we know, 6 years later, Wildflower Designs would give us so much more.

We started designing cute little bobby pin hair clips, earrings, rings and simple necklaces using pretty resin flowers, hand made fabric covered buttons and a lot of glue. We didn’t know at the time if anyone would buy anything – we didn’t really care too much about that, we just wanted to go for it! We set up shop on our dining room tables and began to create. 

The resin flowers we used were so pretty and colourful; they reminded us of wildflowers we would see in the fields camping in the spring. Wildflowers also reminded us of the beauty one could find in the strangest of places, sometimes under the harshest of conditions if the seeds were planted and left to grow. Eventually Wildflower Designs was born and we began to sell our creations to friends and family who encouraged us to take this little hobby to the next level. 

We still remember the laborious task of going about applying to markets, being juried and really having to sell ourselves as a new small business. After our first market (The Haney Farmers Market in Maple Ridge), I remember vividly Leanne and I jumping up and down in celebration – we couldn’t believe that people bought our stuff! Seriously – people bought OUR stuff. Right then and there a fire was ignited and we couldn’t wait to make more. We eventually went to more markets, met tons of new people and built lasting relationships with our customers, fellow makers and event organizers. “


“As the years came and went, our personal styles to began to evolve and change.  We knew in order to really thrive and not just survive, we had to follow that little voice inside to keep evolving or Wildflower would just become a process rather than a passion. We began to move away from resin flowers and fabric covered buttons to focus more on the gemstones and mixed metals we had begun incorporating into our new designs. 

Always inspired by art, fashion, nature and the community around us, we began to design and create a variety of statement pieces, one of kind pieces as well as introduce our stainless steel earring and necklace line. Beaded gemstone bracelets soon followed and then a year later our new tortoise collection was launched. We wanted to bring back colour in a modern and stylish way and the tortoise line has allowed us to just that.”


A couple words about what it means to be a part of The Local Space community

“Two of our favourite parts of the business has always been meeting YOU at markets face to face and another is connecting with other small business like The Local Space. When we were invited to bring our designs to The Local Space in Langley we were super excited!  Not only was it an opportunity for us to connect with a new customer base, it was as an opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded small business owners and makers. Over the past two years The Local Space has given us support and encouragement as well as an ever evolving and fun place to shop for locally sourced goods. Their wide assortment of local brands, products and events are bringing the community together to support and celebrate local makers like Wildflower.

As our little business continues grow, we are so excited to see what it will blossom into (pun intended) and all the adventures we will share along the way. We are so thankful for all of our customers and the small business owners that continue to support us and encourage along the way.”


You can find Wildflower Designs here on our website: Wildflower Designs

Instagram @wildflowerdesigns  Facebook: Wildflower Designs

Maker Monday Giveaway this week is for a pair of Wildflower Designs Earrings & a $20 GC to The Local Space! Head over to our Instagram page to enter.

See ya next Monday with a new maker spotlight!



  1. Omg this is incredibly inspiring! I love that we are in such a supportive community with women and helping empower their dreams!!! You all are amazing!

  2. Eeeee! Not only do I live the stuff at the local space but the way you showcase local artists and entrepreneurs is fantastic. Love knowning who I’m supporting.

    Now to get my hands on those pink stone hoops!! 💛

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