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Hi I'm Megan!

I'm an educator, speaker, marketing teacher, business development coach, community builder, shop owner, traveller, writter and professional taco eater...

Don't you love to support local?

I know I sure do, which is why I opened a small shop called The Local Space. The Local Space is a shop in Downtown Langley (and online) that retails over 100+ local brands from Western Canada - it's like going to a market with all your favourite vendors, but it's always there!

Ready to kick ass in your biz this year?

24 Hours in Lisbon, Portugal

I tend to go to places quick and brief sometimes and Lisbon was no exception. We only were in Lisbon for just over 24 hours (while on our 18 day honeymoon) and got a wonderful taste of Portugal’s capital – literally taste: their seafood is to die for.  Airport Transportation Tip: Taxis have a reputation […]