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The Advent Calendar

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How It Works

Become an Insider

Sign up to become a Local Box Insider. No payment is necessary, you are simply signing up to be notified when the boxes are ready. It’s up to you if you purchase one each season. You will also recieve exclusive discounts on our limited edition boxes that we release.

Recieve an E-Mail

You’ll recieve an e-mail as soon as the next local box is available for order. Your box is not reserved for you until you reserve your box. Once you recieve the e-mail you have up to a month to reserve (subject to availability, they could sell out sooner).

Reserve Your Box

Follow the link on the e-mail you recieve to reserve your box. When you follow the link sometimes questions such as sizing, etc., will be required. Once you have reserved your box through your exclusive link, it will be reserved for you.

Recieve Your Box

Your box will either show up to your door, or if you decide to take advantage of our local pick up option, you’ll recieve an e-mail notification once it is ready. Then it’s time to start indulging in all those local goodies that we know you will love.

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What is The Local Box?

The Local Box is a seasonal subscription box that we started in 2016 when we first established The Local Space. Originally was a monthly box, we have moved to being a seasonal/quarterly subscription box to give you more bang for your buck.

Will I Automatically Get Charged?

No! You will recieve an e-mail notification once the new/next box is available to purchase and then you can follow the special link to purchase. This leaves you in control if you need to take a break or had some unexpected expenses come up.

Because we need to pre-order and purchase the items from our local vendors, payment for the box is due a month in advance (refer to the schedule for details).

What is in The Local Box?

The Local Box is filled with local items (as well as some DEEP discounts at some of our favourite businesses); some items we sell in the store, some are new releases, some are pre-releases (yep, you get it before anyone else) and some are old time favourites.

What is the schedule?

Spring Box: March 15th (Deadline: February 15th)Summer Box: June 15th (Deadline: May 15th)Fall Box: September 15th (Deadline: August 15th)Winter Box: November 15th (Deadline: October 15th)

All Local Box Insiders will recieve an e-mail notification 30 days prior to the payment deadline to reserve their box. Please Note: You are not guaranteed a box until you have purchased. Some boxes are more popular than others and sell out quicker.

What is The Cost of The Local Box?

The cost of The Local Box is $109 CAD (plus applicable taxes depending on which province you live in) plus shipping, or you can opt for local pick up in Langley or Chilliwack. The value of every box is a minimum of $149 + additional discounts and promo codes.

Why is the Winter Box sooner than 3 months?

The Winter Box is our most popular box and is actually our Advent Calendar aka 24 Days of Local. This box we want everyone to recieve before December 1st so that you can enjoy the Advent Calendar, and since there is 24 items that goes into it, it takes a bit more time to get organized, which is why we have to do this one a bit sooner.

How Much is Shipping?

Due to the nature of this box and being able to offer the value of the box at a much lower price, we are unable to offer free shipping. Shipping automatically calculates at check out depending on where you live. Local pick up is available in both Langley and Chilliwack.

Are the boxes customized to needs and allergies?

Due to the nature of the boxes, they are not customizable. Sometimes when the boxes have an apparel item in them, when you go to reserve your box, you will be able to select your size (we will give you as much information in the description to help you choose the correct size), but we cannot adapt the boxes. If you get something in the box you can’t utilize or don’t want to, it’s a perfect opportunity to regift it!

Now, what are you waiting for?

Sign Up below to become a Local Box Insider to be notified each time the next local box is ready to be reserved! You also will recieve exclusive discounts and first dibs on our special edition boxes (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.).No payment necessary.