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So, what is this Advent Calendar anyways?

It’s exactly that, an advent calendar. Instead of filled with chocolate (don’t worry there is some chocolate in there, and it’s local) it is filled with some of the most popular items from The Local Space from throughout the year. It includes bath and body products, accessories, household items, etc. The advent calendar box itself is filled with kraft boxes and envelopes that are all numbered for you to open the days leading up to Christmas. For 2020 we have two versions: 24 Days of Local which begins on December 1st and 12 Days of Local which begins on December 12th.

What makes this advent calendar special?

We put a lot of heart into the making of these advent calendars – literally, we personally pick and pack each calendar; in 2019 we built over 7,000 boxes in the back of our little shop. Not only are these boxes spotlighting products and brands that we retail in store, but by purchasing an advent calendar you are supporting other local families that depend on the sales of their products in our store to feed their own family. If that doesn’t give you warm fuzzies, I don’t know what will. No, we can’t offer you a box filled with $400 worth of product in it (small and local companies just don’t have the margins to be able to do that – and really, we think there is more value in supporting local anyways), but you get 24 days (or 12) worth of local products that maybe you love, maybe you’ve been wanting to try or maybe you haven’t even heard of, but now you’re going to fall in love with it. Supporting local and small businesses is what makes it special.

Who would the advent calendar suit?

The advent calendar is focused towards women (but hey, maybe your guy enjoys bath and body products? No judgement here.); people who enjoy trying new brands and products; People who love the idea of supporting and shopping local.

What has changed/improved for the 2020 advent calendar?

Every year we appreciate everyone’s feedback. One of the top items was packaging (it wasn’t festive enough), unfortunately the boxes and envelopes will remain the same inside just because it is important to us to remain eco-friendly, but this year because our demand has grown large enough we will finally be able to get custom boxes made for the main box (Fun Fact: You have to be ordering in the 1000’s in order to get custom boxes, and of course, being a small business, we’ve got to do these things in stages and we know you’re not buying the calendar for the box so we didn’t want to have to raise the price for a pretty box). A couple other changes are: Introducing a 12 day calendar, cutting back on bath tub specific products and launching of our Advent Calendar Website. The Advent Calendar website is going to be easily accessible so each day you can click the day and learn more about the product and brand for that specific day. 

What is in the calendar?

The whole point of the advent calendar is that it’s a surprise. You can look below to see what was in last years calendar, but nope, doesn’t matter how many times you slide into our DMs, we are not ruining the surprise. If you are someone who doesn’t like surprises or has sever allergies that are commonly found in products that we retail in the store, this advent calendar is probably not for you.

What was in the 2019 Calendar:

K’Pure Aromatherapy Spray

Smooch Lip Balm

Eco-Friendly Snack Bag

Face Mask

Sugar Cookie

Bath Bomb

Gingerbread Cookie


Bath Salts

Skin Balm

Holiday Tea


Cleansing Mit




Dryer Ball

So Luxury Coco Oat


+ Deep Discounts

….and yes, we heard you. Less bath tub specific items in 2020’s version.

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