Tipsy Tuesday

Tipsy Tuesday

So I’m sure you’re wondering, what exactly is Tipsy Tuesday? Tipsy Tuesday is a live event that happens every Tuesday at The Local Space. We interview local business owners, chat, drink a local refreshment and have fun while answering all your questions! It’s a fun 45 minutes to an hour where you get to know local business owners, win prizes and just have fun all on Facebook and Instagram live.

A short overview of what a typical show is:
1) Introduction to Tipsy Tuesday – How it works, What’s Happening, Upcoming Events at The Local Space, Tonights Prizes/Sponsors
2) Introduction of the Guest
3) Tonights Refreshment Sponsor
4) Chit Chat & Question Answering with Followers
5) Prize Draw
6) Announcement of Next Weeks Guest, Prizes and Any other Announcements

Apply to get tipsy with me (Megan) and Jessica (from Leroy Brown Vintage + Co)

We’re always looking for new guests on the show! We’re looking for local business owners who are NOT shy, comfortable with being on camera and are comfortable with me pushing the envelope, and are not looking for an opportunity to be salesy. I have received wonderful feedback with how being on the show and showcasing their business has benefitted them, but the idea of the show is to get our community to get to know local business owners a little bit more – not sell to them.

Unfortunately due to the large amount of people interested in being a guest, we cannot accept everybody to be a guest on the show. We base acceptance based off of availability, what our followers seem to love and the connection between myself and you. We’ve gotta be able to have fun on the live to make it successful.
What is expected of you to be a guest on Tipsy Tuesday:

  • Provide a LOCAL refreshment for the show.
  • Two giveaways (to be dropped off at The Local Space two weeks prior to the show date).
  • Be fun and have fun! The end.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Getting tipsy means indulging in a little local refreshments while giving away some awesome local goodies. If you have a business that is interested in sponsoring through an exchange of refreshments or giveaways, you can e-mail me at Your sponsorship will be posted on both Facebook and Instagram for both @megzyparker and @thelocalspace – two audiences for the price of one! Our typical organic reach is 8-10k with a majority of the reach being within the lower mainland