Forget Sunday Funday, it’s Maker Monday!

On Monday’s we feature a different maker & brand in a dedicated blog post & on our social media. We carry so many incredible brands in the store and want to make sure the world knows about them! This week we’d like to introduce you to Tofino Towel via a little makeover Kaylyn did in her master bedroom!



Somewhere between raising a family & daily life I forgot to make my room pretty. For so long I just used whatever was on sale. Or what my Mother In Law gave us. It was ok. Except for the fact I had these items for 5 plus years. I was over them to say the least. 






Still loving the bedroom furniture, I wanted to keep the room with a west coast vibe. Whatever that meant…cause I am not an interior designer lol. The iron decor above the headboard was the next to be donated. I had it for 15 years. It didn’t spark joy. Off to the donation bin it went.

I challenged myself to really shop local for all the pieces to complete this. It took me a little longer, and that was ok. It means that much more to me.





There was hope for my West Coast vibe style when I saw the Tofino Towel blankets. They were beautifully adorned with artwork that spoke to me. Grey tones in the blanket that would pair with the warm tones of my head board. Needless to say, I was sold! I replaced the iron piece above the headboard with a beautiful rustic piece from Pacific Coast DIY. Funny thing is, I always make sure to kiss the hubby goodnight and vis versa.



Tray Contents:

K’pure Drenched Rich Vanilla

K’pure Lounge Candle

K’pure Almond Cookie Diffuser Oil

Weekly Planner: Linden Paper Co. 

Journal: Paper Heart 

Cactus: Florista

Kaylyn is Wearing:

Smash & Tess – Saturday in XL

Lace Duster from The Heart Cloverdale


Tofino Towel is actually 25% off right now!!! Come in store to pick out our fav or shop their collection right from our website!

SHOP HERE: The Tofino Towel Collection


See ya next Monday with a new maker spotlight!

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