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New Vendors Landing Page

So, You want to join The Local Space family?

We are honoured that you are interested in being a part of The Local Space family! If you are unfamiliar with The Local Space we are a brick and mortar store in Downtown Langley and Downtown Chilliwack, as well as a thriving online store that receives close to 10,000 shoppers each month.

Our target market are females aged 25 – 55 that love to support local brands from their very own community and they are all about the ‘gram. We retail a wide range of items from clothing, drink ware, gifting items to bath and body. Over the years we have got to know our customers on a personal level and have really gained an understanding of what they really want to see in the store.

We love to see our vendors succeed which is why we try not to bring in the same thing from multiple brands, as we love to see our vendors compliment each other instead of compete with each other – and our store(s) are only so big so we only have so much room. Please make sure you check the website before applying (you should be doing your research before applying anyways, right?), we hate saying no to people but if we already sell something similar, we will not be able to accept you into the shop.

Please Note: We try our best to respond to all applications but due to demand we can’t always respond. We will respond to the application if we feel like you would be a good fit for The Local Space.

We are currently NOT accepting any of the following: Bath and Body Products, Aromatherapy, Candles, Drinkware, Signs, Scrunchies. Please do not apply if your brand or product falls into any of these categories.

Canadian Brands Only

We’re The Local Space which means we only accept Local Brands – Local meaning anything Canadian that is. When we originally opened we only brought in BC brands but after many requests we have opened it up for other areas to give the opportunity for our community to get to know other small brands from across the country.

Preference is given to brands who both design and make their products right here in Canada.

Wholesale Terms

We currently only accept wholesale vendors who offer a minimum of 50% off their listed MSRP price.

We understand the value in our local makers and know that these terms will not work for everyone. We unfortunately are limited with space and have certain margins that need to met in order to keep our doors open. Just because you’re not a good fit for us doesn’t mean you’re not a good fit for someone else.

Location, Location, Location

We try our best to curate the best of local brands, but you’re only successful in the shop if you aren’t in our neighbours shops. We can only accept vendors that can give us 1km exclusivity in both Downtown Chilliwack and Downtown Langley.

We’re Always Looking for Something New

Check out our website and see if we have something similar to what you’re offering before applying please.

We love bringing in new brands throughout the year but applications will not be responded to from November 1st until January 10th during the holiday retail season.

When we got accepted as a vendor for The Local Space we had no idea what opportunity it would bring… One and a half years later and honestly was the best thing we’ve ever done. We’ve gone from part-time side hustle to an almost full-time gig!

Lindsay, Monkey Fly Memories

I am continually shocked at how much of my product sells in store. This past Christmas I was getting (large) restock requests every one to two weeks. I love how organized their restock process is. They send me a list of the specific items that they’d like. I don’t have to think about what flavours or sizes to make, they just tell me what they need and then I make it for them. Having products in the Local Space has helped grow my business in more ways than I could imagine. I’m continually meeting people at markets or events who have already seen my products in store at the Local Space. I’m so grateful to be a vendor at the Local Space and I’m excited to see what the future has in store!

Jodi, Jars By Jodi

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