Wedding Wrap Up | Vancouver Wedding Under 10K, seriously…

Here it is, remember that blog post I said I would post back in January? Yeah, the one about my wedding, well here it is - only 4 months late - but hey, the bonus to is being late is that I have all my fabulous photos from Kristy Powers Photography back so I can share those with you too (although, I've shared a lot of my favs on IG already). Anyways... let's do this....

The Venue

We went with UBC Boathouse in Richmond and this part of the wedding was probably the most expensive part. We definitely could have gone with a cheaper option closer to home in Langley but I personally didn't want to worry about decor and this venue was naturally pretty, so it made the most sense. I think I spent $500 in total on all the decor which included someone putting up hanging lights in the venue and of course candles - it was an evening affaire after all. 

The Dress

So, the dress. I didn't do the typical dress trying on experience. I actually ordered one and it was too small, so I ordered another one but accidentally ordered a completely different dress, but I liked this dress better anyways (and it arrived a week before the wedding) so it all worked out - but I think I gave Annie a few heart attacks along the way during this process since I never made it a priority 😉 Anyways, look how good it made my ass look, obviously it was the right choice, right? My dress and the bridesmaids dresses were all from and every dress (including mine) was under $100 USD. The boys suits were all rentals from Moores.

PS, Hair and Makeup was done by Rose Quartz Beauty Services and these amazing flowers were by Petals and Pine Florals. Highly recommend both of these companies!

The Food

Ya'll know how I like to eat, so food was obviously important for the wedding. For our catering we went with Signature Catering who wasn't on the Preferred list from the venue (which means we had to buy out the catering contract) but it was well worth it. Although we had to pay $500 to buy out the catering contract so my caterer could caterer it, SO WORTH IT. If any of you reading this are getting married and you feel like you have to use one of your venues caterers, don't let that scare you. Although it cost me $$$ to buy out the contract, I still saved so much money going with my caterer, and the food was so much better 😉 Most of the options on their list were $75-$100 per head while Signature Catering was closer to $30 per head and we had an amazing Prime Rib dinner - and their mashed potatoes were to die for. People are still talking about their mashed potatoes to me.

For our cake, cupcakes and cookies (which also acted as guest favours AND place cards) I went with Shea's Sweet Shoppe. Dustyn, the owner of Shea's is oh so talented and I've been following her work and using her for various events for years. She does beautiful work, another highly recommend.

The Music

Well, weddings are all about being a big party, right? I've been to so many weddings where there were some major awkward moments of a dead dance floor, music that nobody recognized or well, someone is using their iPod... If you want to have a fun evening: get a DJ. They read the floor like no other, and my DJ, Alex Rocco who owns iDj Services was AMAZING - so many people complimented, asked me for his deets, etc. There wasn't a moment that the dance floor wasn't packed and people weren't having a ball. We didn't have an MC so he took on that roll too, he was fun, funny and he definitely made our wedding an awesome evening! 

So, we covered the music, the food, the dress and the venue, honestly, if you're getting married and you're overthinking any other aspect, don't. You won't even remember the other areas or the little tables of photos you set up, seriously. I'm so glad we decided to keep it on the simpler side. My advice to future brides: Spend your money on the food, music and the photographer (Mine was Kristy Powers Photography and as you can see what did amazing! Kristy only does a couple weddings per year, but if she is available I would highly highly recommend).

Next Up: The Honeymoon. Don't worry, I'll be blogging along the way. We will be heading to Lisbon (Portugal), Dublin and Cork (Ireland), Athens and Santorini (Greece) and wrapping it up in Rome (Italy). See ya'll on the gram!

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