Weekend Getaway at The Summit Lodge in Whistler

For those of you who have been following my life adventures for a while over on Instagram you’ll know that we choose to vacation in Whistler quite often. Getting Matty to travel is like pulling teeth so I take what I can get and he loves to snowboard so it’s a win-win. I personally don’t snowboard, or ski, or really do anything that has to do with the cold. BUT I can always appreciate new scenery while getting some work done….

Every time we head to Whistler we do try to stay somewhere new, but I think I may have found my favourite at the Summit Lodge. We decided to bring Bubba along and he loved all the king bed lounging, exploring Whistler Village and all the extra naps – allll of the naps. Huge brownie points go to Summit Lodge for their adorable welcome package for Bubba, we arrived in our room and found food and water dishes, dog towel, treats and even a toy!

We are definitely people of routine and always hit up the same spots like the AMAZING teppanyaki restaurant in the village, the keg, sushi, etc. We had to change things up on this trip since Bubba decided to be a needy little shit and we were bound to the hotel room for our meals (and every other minute of the trip). But fun fact: Whistler has it’s own Skip the Dishes service so we still got to enjoy delicious meals like Milestones, Sushi (because we can’t go long without sushi) and Tacos! So basically, if your a dog momma like me, I highly highly recommend this hotel. Even if you’re not one, you should check it out!

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