Work with Megan

When I made the difficult decision to close up my marketing business and sell the Fraser Valley Boss Ladies (Sidenote: Did you know that you could SELL a Facebook group?), I knew I still needed a way outside of The Local Space to work with small businesses and help them grow - being able to help fellow small businesses just makes me do that happy dance that I do when someone decides to shop in my store. Being able to offer mentoring sessions (and select digital services) let's me share my expertise of getting products into the stores and the operations knowledge needed for brick and mortar stores, salons and physical locations - might as well share my knowledge and all the mistakes I made along the way, right?

Mentoring with Megan

Work one-on-one with Megan and dig deep into your business on a wide range of topics. Mentoring sessions are 60 minutes in length and available twice per month in Langley, and once per month in Chilliwack. All sessions are only $97 + GST.

Available Topics:
Getting Your Product Into Stores
Social Media Marketing
Brick & Mortar Audit
Wordpress Training
Shopify Training + Setup
Starting a Business

Digital Services

While, I love the social interaction of really getting to know you and your brand, I know that isn't always possible, so I do have a few Digital Services available. Mentoring sessions are available via FaceTime by request, but I do find that you get more out of meeting in person.

Retail Audit

If you are at the stage in business that you are trying to get your products into stores, but aren't achieving what you have hoped for as the outcome, this might be the option for you. 

What We Need From You: Your product, any marketing materials, your e-mail template that you leave with retailers.

We will go through everything and give you ideas and suggestions from a retailers point of view to help you be more successful into getting into retail locations. At the end you will receive a detailed e-mail outlining how you can be more successful when approaching retailers.

Cost: $97 + GST

Social Media Audit

Is social media not driving business as much as you're told that it is supposed to? This option is probably for you.

What We Need From You: Just your Facebook and Instagram handles. If you have a VIP group, we will need access to that as well.

We will go through your posts, your insta-stories, your followers, engagement and provide you with detailed steps on how to better utilize social media for your particular business. Remember, every single business is different in how it will benefit from social media, just because your business bestie is doing something, does not mean that's what will work for you.

Cost: $67 + GST

Website Audit

This is probably our most popular audit; we are currently offering audits for both Wordpress and Shopify websites. If you have a website but it is not converting to as many sales as you'd like, this option is for you.

What We Need From You: Login details for your website.

We will go through your website and provide you with detailed steps to better convert, increase your SEO and make it more suer friendly for shoppers. The work will not be done for you, it is up to you if you want to take our suggestions - you should ;) 

Cost: $97 + GST

Additional services are available upon request, subject to availability. Services such as employee handbooks, operations manuals, in house staff and operations training, etc. Just shoot me an e-mail and we can see where I can better help you and your business.